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We’ve got several adventure holidays you can indulge in, from cycling, trekking or volunteering projects to kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, white water rafting or sailing. Whether you’re looking to join a small group or experience a more bespoke or independent adventure holiday, we can do this for you.


Your adventure starts right here


Getting started

It all starts with an initial conversation where we discuss your requirements. Based on this information, you’ll be presented with an itinerary that best suits your needs, ensuring you receive peace of mind throughout our engagement.


Once everything is confirmed

The Not Just Travel Portal is a fantastic space that our clients visit to view their journey details in full.


Whilst you’re away

Travel in the confidence, knowing that whilst you’re away we remain fully accessible and are available should you have any further requirements.


Where to Next?

There are so many amazing things to do and see on planet earth.


The A Class Travel Difference


Worry-Free Travel

Whether it’s a walk, cycle, climb or water activity, we can put together the best package on your behalf.

A time to consider this type of travel is when you’re…

✔ seeking an exciting thrill

✔ trying to develop new skills

✔ looking to be closer to nature

✔ wanting new friendships

We’re a great fit for

Start arranging your next experience

Let us make your dream holiday a not so distant reality.


Some Useful Statistics

Year-on-year growth in adventure travel since 2009 (ATTA)
More female attendees than males at the UK’s Adventure Travel Show in 2017
is the expected market share for adventure travel come 2020 (Technavio)

Give your next experience a chance to start…

Organise your next getaway

Organise your next getaway

Organise your next getaway

Organise your next getaway

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When are you looking to book?

Do you have a budget?

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Do you have any specific location(s) in mind?

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What type of holiday do you have in mind?

And what type of climate do you prefer?

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