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A cultural holiday is a beautiful thing, it is a holiday in which you immerse yourself fully and completely in the culture of a place, a city, a country, or any holiday destination. You go out of your way to live like the locals do, you go off the beaten track and you explore off-script!


Are you ready to go?


Kicking off

We will have a conversation about the types of places you’d like to visit. Once these details are gathered, we will offer you an itinerary which meets your requirements . Throughout our entire engagement, you can sit back and relax knowing that we’ll take of you.


Prepared for depature

By visiting the Not Just Travel Portal, you’ll be able to view full details of your upcoming trip. This can be either from your comfort zone or whilst on the move.


When on your travels

When on holiday we can be reached, if you require our input in servicing any additional needs you may have.


Turning your travel dreams into reality

If you’re ready to dive into civilizations not always seen, allow your sense of adventure to dip your toes in new waters.


The A Class Travel Difference


Jet set. Ready. Go!

Look to this style of vacation if you’re….

✔ seeking a spiritual awakening

✔ hoping to transform your life

✔ wanting to learn many new things

We’re a great fit for

Journey to an unforgettable experience

Don’t let the opportunity of a lifetime simply pass you by.


Some Useful Statistics

of travellers have stated that through travel they’ve learnt invaluable life skills.



Get immersed in something new!

Organise your next getaway

Organise your next getaway

Organise your next getaway

Organise your next getaway

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When are you looking to book?

Do you have a budget?

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Do you have any specific location(s) in mind?

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What type of holiday do you have in mind?

And what type of climate do you prefer?

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