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Samantha So

Samantha So

Omg. Angela is the best. She is a lifesaver. Firstly, within a day or so she came back with some deals, I was on the phone with her late in the evenings to get it booked. Secondly, she went out of her way to help us sort out a mess. Mess meaning, we missed our flights and transfer. We managed to sort out the replacement flights following the airline’s guidance but how stressful was that. What Angela helped out was the transfer on arrival. We tried to sort it out ourselves but had no luck and Angela did her magic at silly hours and was able to get us on a bus for very little extra. If she didn’t it would have cost us a fair bit on the taxi fare. She even said why didn’t we call her earlier to help with the flight. I had no idea she could help.

She has gone way beyond one would expect from any agent. She truly does want you to have a great holiday and would help out. I most highly recommend Angela. I will most definitely use her service again.

Many thanks again.

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